I like to write. I mean I like to talk so it only makes sense in this digital world that I also like to write; I have plenty to say! I’m attempting to write a book and have always kept diaries and after getting a computer and the internet as a teenager, I then moved on to keeping numerous different blogs – you can come say hello on my current personal blog here if you wish! Thus it was only natural that I continue to write as I enter into the next chapter of my life: motherhood.

Mum.. me?

Being a Mum is something that has always scared me. I have no contact with my own parents and am better off for it. However this means I don’t really have much in the way of role models and the fear that I’d turn into one of them was enough to put me off. I also have depression and anxiety which I manage, it doesn’t own me. But all of these things together really made me doubt my ability to care for a small human that was completely dependent on me.

Until I met my husband.

He changed and continues to change everything. He gives me faith and belief in myself and supports me through everything and anything. He truly is amazing – not perfect; he does leave his socks on the living room floor and cupboard doors open after him – I mean, hello? Who does that?! There is room for improvement! – but definitely amazing.

And so here I am. A Mum!! To the most beautiful little girl ever (biased, I know), trying to find my way through, just like everyone else. But I plan on doing what I do best to help me process and evaluate life – write. And so here we are. Mumblebees was born (with thanks to Husband) and I’m writing and you’re reading (I hope!).
Let’s see where this goes shall we?

What is Mumblebees?

So the plan is that here you will find my thoughts and experiences with this crazy, amazing learning curve that is motherhood, starting from the very beginning which was hard for us, through pregnancy, birth and then living with this small human running the show! Some things may be all cute and rosy and others may be frank struggles of a new mum with mental health hurdles but rest assured it’ll all be honest and there will be cute photos!
I also plan to blog some reviews for you. Before the baby’s arrival, during that age that is pregnancy, Husband and I spent a lot of time researching products and brands of the many things you need in order to look after a small human. Plus a lot of things it would appear you don’t need…
What we didn’t find was somewhere we could find all of this research in one place. So this is the plan! I’m going to be posting reviews on the brands and products that we’ve tried and tested so far as well as reviewing new things as we go!
Any requests for a certain product or brand please do not hesitate to get in contact!

Come say hello!

Speaking of which, I’d love to hear your stories too so if you feel like you have something you’d like to say/share please do get in touch via the contact page