Immunisations you say?!

How? Where have eight weeks gone? It feels like we just got home from hospital yesterday! When the letter came through the post the other day to say Sophia’s immunisations are now due I actually checked the calendar on my phone and counted the weeks. They were not lying. Nearly eight whole weeks! I think this might have been the first time I felt that ‘please let’s pause time so you don’t grow anymore’ feeling… or maybe the second; the first time I put an outfit on her that didn’t fit I think was probably my first experience with wanting to stop time!

How did she do you ask?

So I wasn’t too nervous about taking her for her jabs. I wasn’t looking forward to them, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t have this sinking dread that I had read about. I figured considering she was pretty pro at them after her experiences with needles after birth, she should be fine. I’m not sure if I’ve properly gone into post birth yet or not but I’ll summarise here anyway (just in case this is the first post you’ve seen of ours); so I had gestational diabetes meaning once Sophia was born they had to check on her blood sugar levels as I had been monitoring mine.

They did a small heel prick and took a teeny drop of blood just as an adult test is done. The first couple came back ok but she then had one that was 0.1 over what they wanted it to be and so the tests changed and they started using larger needles and taking more blood and honestly, she barely whimpered. She was so good! So I was really hoping this would mean that immunisations would also be a breeze.

My child is amazing!

Hell yes she is, she gave a little shout as they actually did the needle and then wimpered a tad but by the time we’d left the room and put her back in her car seat she was fine! Maybe a tad miffed, looking up at me all “Mother, what did you just let them do?” but the Calpol went down well and we were off. I could not have been prouder. I think I found the whole thing harder ya know!

She did get a little under the weather afterwards though. Not too bad, we had one day and one night of temperatures and her being a little sadder than usual but all in all, I think I’m taking these first set as a complete win. Yes!

To immunise or not to immunise, that is the question?

Only I’m not sure it should be a question. Being a mother who has now sat and held her tiny baby still so a strange (but super smiley) lady could stab her and then cuddled her tiny baby through the night as she cried because she was feeling unnecessarily poorly. I’ve questioned – is this really what is best for her?

But I questioned myself for a split second. Because of course it is. This is something I feel quite strongly about. We are so privileged to live in a country that has the medical science and funding to have immunisations against common illnesses that used to make our babies seriously unwell and sometimes even mean we lost them forever. There are still so many places worldwide where children are dying just from poor sanitation and hygiene. We can’t even really compute that.

Where did our mistrust of immunisations come from?

Ok so now I go from feeling strongly to feeling annoyed and a tad angry to be frank. Andrew Bloody Wakefield. A stupid man that did one study on 12 children that was proved to be fraudulent but in doing so scared a lot of people out of getting their children immunised. His theories were unfounded and have been proved to be incorrect. So while I get that immunisations feel mean, in my opinion, they really are in the best interest of our children, to give them the best start in life! It’s a necessary evil – and it really does feel evil!


In other news, we’ve moved!

Like sensible people, just as Sophia’s first lot of immunisations were due and with a nine week old baby as she now is, we’ve up sticks and moved house. And not even just down the road, we’ve crossed the waters and moved to a rather rainy South Wales! To a beautiful farm at the top of a mountain with baby cows and sheep and everything! It may have been a tad stressful but I’m nearly unpacked!!