Happy First Birthday

How am I even sat here writing this? How is it Sophia’s birthday and where has a year gone? Let me give you a little background first.

After our 20 week scan, once we had discovered we were expecting a girl, my mighty technological husband snapped up an email address for her – because all of the good ones will be gone by the time she’s old enough, duh! – and we began emailing her. The idea being that she’d be able to look through all of the things we’ve wanted to share with her throughout her life, once she was old enough to take over the account.

We’ve emailed her lots since then but as my little lady has just turned one, I thought I’d share the birthday email I sent her, here, with you guys.

To my daughter

My beautiful Sophia,

How did we get here already?! It’s your birthday; today you are one! A whole year old! Definitely not my tiny baby anymore.

I wanted to write you this email just to say thank you (as cheesy as it sounds!). Thank you for completing me and showing me the reason I’m here on this Earth. Thank you for making me smile every single day and making me laugh with your crazy little ways. Thank you for reminding me when times are tough, just how lucky I am.

I wasn’t sure motherhood and I were set for the same path, I’ll be honest. It scared me so very much to think another person was going to be solely dependant on me for a rather long time. But your amazing Dad is the one person that has showed me that I am, in fact, cut out for this after all! We’re very lucky to have him. And now I don’t doubt our decision to have you at all. I’ve realised motherhood isn’t just a good path, it’s my destined path and I cannot wait to travel along it with you!

It’s so strange to think a whole year has gone by; in some ways it feels like yesterday that you were born and yet in others it feels like I’ve never been without you. Looking back there are some things that particularly stand out for me:

⁃ obviously the first time you said ‘mum’ even if you did say ‘nan’ for the first time the day after and then completely forgot the word mum even existed ?

⁃ the first time we went swimming – you love the water and seeing your little smiley face and trying my best to keep hold of you with arms and legs excitedly kicking and while also laughing at you trying to lick the water: priceless! And full of germs! I’m looking forward to you not doing that particular part anymore.

⁃ the first time you cuddled me back. To feel your tiny arms wrap around my neck and you snuggle your head into my shoulder fills my heart with so much love. I could cuddle you all day!

⁃ leaving you places – sounds mad I know but hear me out ? anytime I’ve gone anywhere without you (and there haven’t been many times!) I have cried like a baby. It breaks my heart and almost physically hurts to leave you. And you know why that makes this list? Because it shows me the fierce love I have for you. The very thought of being without you is so hard for me because I love you so much. That’s pretty special!

⁃ Sophia we have watched Moana about 50 times and that’s probably quite close to the actual figure. And I never get sick of watching you watch it. Your face lights up, your little laugh, your dancing and wiggling to the songs. I’m sorry to say but I think you’re as crazy as I am!

⁃ whenever we go anywhere people fall in love with you. They compliment you on your beautiful eyes, your beautiful smile, the fact you’re so happy/calm/chatty. This makes me feel so incredibly proud because you’re my baby and it makes me super happy to realise the rest of the world can see how special you are!

I am running the risk of this sounding like a total mush fest so let’s just cover a few other things:

⁃ I can’t wait for you to have all of your teeth so they don’t wake you up in the night and make you sad thus waking me up in the night and making me sad!

⁃ I can’t wait for you to be able to tell me what you need rather than those wonderful, long, drawn out, shouty, whingy grunts I currently get ?

⁃ I look forward to being able to finish a meal while it’s hot and without having to share it ??

If I could make one wish for you Smallfry when we blow out the candle on your cake, it would be for you to be happy being you. You are funny, affectionate, bright, happy, a tad loopy and confident already, at just one year old, I see all of this in you. I want for you to embrace these things and let them grow with you. With all of this plus the strength and wisdom that comes with life and experience, I know you can conquer any and every thing.

I am going to be right behind you every step of the way to remind you of all of these wonderful things that you are so that you can stay empowered to never let anyone tell you anything different!

(I will also make sure you keep your chocolate in the fridge and you drink your gin with tonic not lemonade – but that comes later!)

Sophia, my baby, Smallfry, Tiddles. I love you with everything and even though you’re not going to have any clue what’s going on, we’ll have the best Moana party ever!!

So happy birthday!! Argh! Happy FIRST birthday!

I cannot wait to look back this time next year and muse on how much you’ve changed then!

I love you my beautiful girl ♥️

Mummy x


Birthday party time!

I have spent far too much time on Pinterest pinning Moana themed birthday party ideas so watch this space for the blog post to follow. Fingers crossed I can recreate some of the amazing ideas I’ve found!