Which brand to choose?

We didn’t buy any baby products too early on, just in case. But we did spend many a weekend browsing the baby stuff in Mothercare, Mamas and Papas and most supermarkets!

I genuinely didn’t even know there were so many bottle brands! Having worked in a nursery for nearly 5 years by this point I had noticed which bottles seemed to be the most popular with parents and had formed a few opinions while using them:

  • I didn’t like the teeny tiny, funny shape Tommee Tippee bottles.
  • I didn’t like the traditional Avent shape bottles.
  • I didn’t particularly like the fiddly bits of the Dr Brown bottles either.

I remained undecided for quite a while. And then I got a free baby pack from Emma’s Diary and inside it was the smallest size MAM bottle:

Image result for mam bottle starter set cream

The one I got was cream and in the old design but this size!

We have a winner – MAM!

The bottle came with a little instruction book – there’s me thinking ‘instructions? How hard can it be to put a bottle in a baby’s mouth?!’
*reads instructions*
Are you ready for this? These bottles self sterilise. I know. Game changer. So they come apart and the teat and bottle neck sit in the base, along with 20ml of water and then the bottle and lid just sit back on top (don’t screw any of it together) you then can just pop that one bottle into the microwave and ta-dah! One bottle ready to go!

This was enough to convince me to go with MAM. We did a little more research and was really impressed that the bottles were also anticolic, I liked the cute animal designs and reviews were good, but I’ll be honest, I was sold at self-sterilising.

What did we buy?

So we found some bargains on sale in Mothercare!

Firstly, this breastfeeding starter set with the manual breast pump.
I love the design of these bottles and this was in fact one of the first things we bought as we found it at such a great price thus the green colour as we didn’t know what gender the baby was. The bottles were beautiful looking and easy to put together!

Secondly, we got this, also on sale:

Image result for mam bottle starter set cream(This photo is in fact the new design – our bottles were the old design and we didn’t get the bottle with the additional handles!)

Ok, they’re lovely, but how did the baby like them?

I can honestly say I would (and do!) recommend these bottles to everyone.

In practice the self sterilising was so briliant, especially when out and about for the day because I didn’t need to take lots of bottles, I could just clean and sterilise on the go! I did buy the MAM microwave steam steriliser too for sterilising in bulk at the end of the day.

Sophia really took to the teats easily. We started out breastfeeding which for reasons we’ll save for another post, didn’t last very long so for a while we were combi feeding and she had no trouble going from breast to bottle and back again. When we then went exclusively bottle fed, we had no problems whatsoever.
I think the anticolic design worked well as Sophia wasn’t a collic-y baby however I don’t have much of a comparison as we never used any other bottles – I don’t know if she just wasn’t collic-y or if the bottles were magical!

The manual breastpump was very straightforward and easy to use however it was hard work. Your arm gets very tired very quickly. Had I have been using it for longer I would have looked into getting an electrical one because for regular use it wasn’t practical. For occassional use though, it worked just fine.

Any downsides?

There was one thing that really did bug me with the MAM bottles however and that was the measurements. We used the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine (will post about this in time too!) so our bottles were always made without much thought to measuring water etc. however once a bottle was made, if you looked at the measurements it appeared incorrect. For example a 6oz bottle made by the prep machine would measure at nearly 7oz according to the bottle. I made a bottle up in a measuring jug once just as a test and it did in fact measure at 6oz so there is obviously a discrepancy with MAM’s bottles.
I did some research and quite a few people had found the same thing however it seemed to be a UK issue – there’s UK and US fl oz apparently and so that could have been why the bottles didn’t work with the prep machine? I don’t know, I never did get to the bottom of it. But it’s worth noting that if you’re making bottles up the old fashioned way, these bottles can’t really be trusted. If you’ve used 6 scoops of powder for a 6oz bottle and then fill the water up to the 6oz mark, you’re not actually getting enough water and this could make baby poorly.
EDIT: since writing this MAM have redesigned their bottles and I haven’t used their new ones so I don’t know if this is still an issue!

There is one other little bug bear to note and that is if you’re making up a bottle in the middle of the night, half asleep, be sure you’re screwing all of the elements together properly. The amount of times I covered my tiny, sleepy baby in milk because in my tired stupor I hadn’t put the bottom on properly. Not cool. Try then changing her completely and settling her back off after she’s been exposed to the cold night air and enough lights to see what you’re doing. Really not cool.

In conclusion!

Yes MAM, thank you for wonderful products, I would recommend them and will be returning to them with my next child should I be graced with one!

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