Who are Shnuggle?

Who are Shnuggle I hear you ask? I discovered them on Instagram.
Instagram is full of many small businesses, new brands and handmade products. Something I realised fairly early on in my pregnancy was that I loved these personable companies that made products because they loved them and often because they’re parents themselves and noticed a gap in the market that needed filling; a product that would have made their lives easier but that didn’t exist. So they created it.

The Shnuggle bath is one of those products. A company run by a husband and wife that slowly increased their catalogue as and when they recognised a need for something while bringing up their three babies. Now considerably bigger than just the two of them, they’re just throwing award winning product after product into the mix and honestly, I love everything!

The Shnuggle bath

In this photo Sophia is 8 days old. This was her first ever bath and the moment she fell in love with water. This was the most alert she had been and the most on edge I had been!

It’s scary submerging your tiny, wriggly baby in water! But the Shnuggle bath makes it so much easier. Because of its upright bucket design, Sophia was naturally in an upright position and her whole back and head supported. In the bottom of the bath is a bump that her teeny, little bottom sits on meaning she can’t slip forward either.
The bath features a rubbery pad on the back so baby has something comfy against their skin which is also not as cold as the plastic. There is also a handy little fill line so you know how to safely prepare the bath.

All of these features made this first bath so much less scary. We were able to have our hands so much more free for washing her (which you know, reeeeeally needs doing thoroughly for that first bathtime!) and playing with her to make the bathtime a completely positive experience.


It looks tiny though…

As much as I love the idea behind the Shnuggle bath, it looks small. I was worried that baby would quickly outgrow it and then I’d be on my knees, killing my back, reaching into our high sided, roll top bath (the whole reason we’d looked for a different type of bath, to avoid just that).

Rest assured, it is not the case. As you can see from the first photo, Sophia still looked tiny in the Shnuggle bath. Fast forward to 6 months old and:

she is totally still loving it! She has plenty of room to splash and play, she’s fully supported so my hands are free and it’s still perfect!

Would I recommend the Shnuggle Baby Bath?

Without a second thought! I would, and I do, recommend this bath to everyone! Now at 16 months, my tall toddler doesn’t fit in it but she stands in the shower which she loves. I’ve packed the bath away because I know it’ll still be a godsend for our next baby should we be blessed again.

However, since doing so, I’ve already got it back out twice for Sophia to use for water play in the garden! So many uses!

It’s worth having a look at the Shnuggle website because I truly didn’t realise how many products they actually do! I’ll definitely be buying the bath stand next time around!

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