Who are Nuna?

During one of the numerous trips to Mothercare that became how we spent our weekends while cooking our baba, we spotted the Nuna Leaf. I believe we were looking at travel systems on that particular visit but the Nuna Leaf was on display. It really caught our eye; mainly because I wanted to know if it came in adult size! Honestly, it made me want to fall asleep just watching it sway!

The ZAAZ™ high chair, launched in 2007 was the first product made by Nuna in answer to the question ‘How do we give baby a spot at the table?’
They’re a global brand with roots in Amsterdam inspired by the practical side of family life; raising little ones is immensely rewarding and demanding, often at the same time. Their own adventures in parenthood showed them that practical and beautiful is the perfect balance when it comes to baby gear which led them to develop the stylish and utterly necessary products that they offer.

The Nuna Leaf

The Nuna Leaf is not the cheapest baby seat. In fact, the price made us umm and ahh a little bit. But it was one of those things I had fallen in love with and there really isn’t much else on the market that a) moves quite like this one does and b) looks as good!


The photo above shows the Nuna Leaf we bought. It has a few features that really had us sold:
– the side to side sway motion only needs a slight nudge and it keeps swaying by itself for quite a while
– the chair grows with the child; it has good weight capabilities meaning older children/toddlers can still use the chair – makes it a bit easier spending some extra cash when you know there’s longevity in the product.
(Plus we got it second hand, in brilliant condition, from eBay!)


Nuna Leaf Wind

So the next nifty bit is that Nuna do a little gadget especially for us busy (lazy) parents which clips onto the base of the chair, plugs in and then moves the chair and keeps it swaying without human touch! I know, totally worth the extra money! Plus, we were super lucky because my sisters bought it for us, result.

When it arrived however, we realised the Nuna Leaf we’d bought was the old design which wasn’t compatible with the Wind! Face palm.

So even though we’d saved some money shopping around for a second hand one, we ended up buying new anyway! The original Nuna Leaf went to Sophia’s Nanny and Papa’s house and we bought the newer Nuna Leaf Curve in the Suited range (so super smart and comfy looking!) which was definitely compatible with the Wind.


Would I recommend the Nuna Leaf baby seat?

Yes, definitely. Sophia loved to nap in hers in the early days – as you can see from the photo – and the swaying motion definitely soothed her when she was miserable. The chair is stylish and looks nice in the living room – not gaudy and bright as some children’s products are.
The seat cushion comes out and goes in the washing machine and washes really well on a cool cycle. The rest of the seat is super easy to spot clean when needed. I mean, of course it got milk sicked on quite a few times!

The price tag is on the higher end for this type of product but honestly, the quality and longevity is definitely worth it! Sophia is now 17 months old and still likes to sit and swing in the Nuna Leaf so I’m taking that as a win!

I would also suggest having a nose at Nuna’s website at the other products they do. We also have the Nuna Sena travel cot which is fabulous! It comes with a bassinet insert which makes using the cot when baby is tiny, so much easier. It’s really simple to put up and down too!


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