Christening or Naming Ceremony?

Getting a baby Christened is beginning to become less popular, perhaps a tad outdated, and naming ceremonies are becoming the ‘in’ thing instead. I do understand this, the religious aspect isn’t for everyone; personally, we’re not religious. Yet we did get married in a church and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I love weddings – all weddings! – but personally, we both wanted a church wedding and so it made sense that Sophia be Christened. The sentimental old thing in me also wanted her Christened in the same church we were married in so, that’s what we did.[/vc_column_text]

I think the bottom line of having either a Christening or a naming ceremony is that you want to celebrate your child with all of your loved ones and also, any excuse for a party hey?

Godparents – who do you choose?

This became a sticky subject with my side of the family and eventually caused quite a fall out. When they say a new baby shows you who your real friends (and family!) are, it really is true!

For us choosing someone for the role of Godparent is a chance to bring someone into Sophia’s family that isn’t already there. Traditionally people chose aunties and uncles to be Godparents but I think being a blood relative is important enough! Whereas for close friends – the “aunties” and “uncles” that aren’t actually related to the baby, the role of Godparent is a huge honour and gives them an important part in the baby’s life.

With this in mind we chose four Godparents for Sophia:
> my best friend Jess that I’ve known since I was 12 and her husband Mike
> Husband’s best friend Danny that he’s known since he was 10 and his wife Laura
Two wonderful couples that love Sophia and have always been around for us and already for her since she arrived. Sophia has the best Nana and Papa plus so many Aunties and their partners so she’s very lucky already, add these four into the mix and she’s got the best village you could ask for, around her!

Christening on a budget

The amazing thing about a christening is that the service is carried out as part of a regular Sunday service. This means that there is no cost to get your child christened. Amazing!

We then booked the local village pub, the same place that we had our Wedding Breakfast the previous year, for a buffet and small gathering afterwards. The room required no deposit or down payment and Fran, the landlady, did an amazing spread of food for us for next to nothing!

As far as decorations go, we made our own! I didn’t think we really needed much; luckily we knew the landlady at the village pub well and so she did us table clothes and chair covers for free, she also put some little glass jars of pink flowers on the tables for us – she did this every Sunday for roast dinner day but purposely picked some pretty pink ones for us and arranged them all in the function room while we were there!


I got crafty!

I love Pinterest! So I thoroughly enjoyed making a Christening board. It was here I found the inspiration to make a large letter S decorated with hand made paper flowers, pompoms and some buttons to fill the space. I then hung it in the window of the function room which worked really well! It looked beautiful and was a great feature piece.
The paper flowers were super easy to make, you can find most of the tutorials I used here!
Then to make the pompoms I used these pompom makers from Amazon.
Here’s the finished piece:

I also prettied up some balloons by covering large white balloons with pink and white tulle then tied them with a variety of pretty pink ribbons! Again, discovered on Pinterest.


I bought a guest book so that people could write messages to Sophia but I also decorated a Mason Jar and asked people to write wishes for Sophia for the future, pop them in the jar and that has now been sealed for her to open when she is older.

The gown

We were so lucky because Sophia’s Nana has a christening gown that was actually made for her uncle and his christening, out in South Africa where they lived at the time.
Nana’s Dad and Uncle were christened in it.
Nana, her brother and her sister were christened in it.
Husband, his two siblings and six cousins were also all christened in it.
Sophia was the first of her generation to wear it for her christening too! We worked out it’s over 100 years old and it’s in beautiful condition. It is also beautiful in design. I’ll be honest, when I heard about it, I was seriously worried it was going to be hideous and frilly and lacy but it’s actually aged so well. Here is a picture of Sophia trying it on – unfortunately we didn’t get an amazingly clear photo of the actual gown on Sophia on the day!

We did buy a dress for Sophia to change into afterwards though; there was no way I was risking milk sick, poo-splosion or christening cake on the 100 year old gown! It was an absolute steal from Sainsbury’s in the sale, reduced to £8!


And we got her the cutest little shoes from Mamas & Papas – probably one of the most expensive things we bought actually! But they’re tucked away in her little memory box, they were worth it!


The cake

Now you have to have a beautiful cake. I had looked into making it myself but we were staying with Husband’s parents and I’m a seriously messy baker, I just really didn’t fancy trying to bake and decorate a cake in someone else’s kitchen.

However, I’m super lucky to know a wonderful lady called Elaine who bakes the most amazing cakes and so she did the cake super short notice for me. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s beautiful. I’ve actually kept the blocks in a tupperware in the freezer because I didn’t know what to do with them and didn’t want to throw them away!

Christened and official

I can honestly say Sophia’s christening was the most amazing day. She had just turned 5 months (22 weeks) and was such a good age because she was alert, smiley but small enough to still be cute, cuddly and be happy to be passed around all day!

The cutest thing was when she fell asleep in the church! Luckily we had finished the service – she didn’t even cry! – but then started to get a bit grumpy while we were trying to get photos. Low and behold, as soon as we try to leave with the idea of taking some photos outside of the church, she falls asleep in Daddy’s arms. Little angel.

So yes, a beautiful day for a beautiful girl!