the baby and toddler show

When I heard The Baby and Toddler Show was coming to Wales, I won’t lie, I was far too excited for my own good! I’ve been to this type of expo show before and loved it so now that I’m a mum and a parenting blogger, this sounded just up my street!

Did it disappoint?

No, it did not! I had a really good chat with Amy Nation, the founder and director of The Baby and Toddler Show Wales – both through communications before the show as well as on the day. A lovely lady, also a mother herself, that saw a gap in Wales for a showcase of all things child-related. She was super helpful before hand offering tickets for a giveaway as well as passes for myself and some friends.

Upon arriving I was super impressed with the layout of the show. I think I had expected maybe a few more stands, there was a little bit of space around the set up but to be honest once you started chatting and making your away around, it did not feel small.

The stage, set up with lit up trees and large illuminated letters spelling baby, looked spectacular and there were different demonstrations, talks and show arranged there throughout the day which was a great addition – especially for an excuse to sit down for a bit!

baby and toddler show

So, who was there, what’d I learn?

I had such a fab day getting to know lots of new people, brands and businesses – I had to swap my boots for flip flops because my feet were hurting! I was so happy to see The Tired Mama Collection there because I’ve been following Danielle on Instagram for aaaages so was lovely to meet her! And also they were giving out free cake – winning!

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 18.00.42

I also thoroughly enjoyed meeting Picasso Griffiths who did the most amazing caricature of myself and Jess!! I shall be reviewing a children’s christmas book of his super soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I even got to meet Rapunzel and Belle! Childhood dreams made!

So who were my faves?

Poorly Boo – WebsiteInstagramFacebook ⎮ Twitter

baby and toddler show
baby and toddler show
Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 22.18.48

Poorly Boo was a brand I was familiar with before attending the baby and toddler show and I can truly say I was pretty excited when I heard they were going to be there!
The lovely lady that owns and runs Poorly Boo is called Manju and I really could have chatted to her all day!

The Poorly Boo Box is definitely something I am going to be buying for my own home. As you can see from the photos above, it literally contains everything you may need to deal with a poorly child.
As a new Mum I think this is something that can be such a minefield – when do you resort to medication, and what on Earth is suitable and the best thing to use?! The Poorly Boo Box takes away all of the uncertainty because Manju has done all of the research for us to bring us the key items that are safe and likely to be needed as well as presenting them in a handy box that you can just keep replenishing. Also meaning medications are kept out of sight and reach of children but easily found when you need them. We’ve all hunted high and low for Calpol in the middle of the night with a screaming baby right? Let’s not do that anymore! This definitely is reason enough to buy the box for yourself but also makes it a fab purchase for new parents or baby showers too!

As well as the box, Poorly Boo offer a first aid kit which isn’t just for children; containing everything a standard first aid kit should have, in a handy little carry case, the Poorly Boo first aid kit is a saviour for all of the family, in any situation or in fact destination!

And on this note, I’m super happy to say Poorly Boo has given us one of their fabulous first aid kits to include in the giveaway!

Sweetpea Photography – WebsiteInstagramFacebook ⎮ Twitter

baby and toddler show
baby and toddler show
baby and toddler show

Victoria at Sweetpea Photography was just so lovely to chat to! She was doing photoshoots on the day with a pop up studio and I think it was probably the only point that made me wish Sophia wasn’t having a Daddy day! She had the cutest back drops, props and outfits!

As the official photographer for the show I think Victoria was crazy busy every time I saw her but from feedback I’ve seen, she certainly didn’t disappoint. As a lady that is lovely and approachable – plus beautiful and teeny! – she had the children doing the perfect poses and smiles for the shots she wanted, with ease!

So much so that I’ve booked Sophia in for a shoot with her in November – I’ll be posting about it and believe me, you don’t want to miss the images – it’s Disney princess and Christmas themed!!

Victoria has been so generous and will be offering a voucher to the winner of the giveaway for a studio session including an 8×5 mounted print! You don’t want to miss this one!

Cariad Kitchen – WebsiteInstagramFacebook ⎮ Twitter

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 21.33.04

Meeting Sarah was easily one of the highlights of my day! Sarah runs Cariad Kitchen – a coffee shop with a lot to offer! She brought with her a sweet cart stocked with the most amazing tasting marshmallows and, wait for it, Santa!!
As you can see from the picture above, he was easily the best Santa around! He’ll be dropping by for a special Christmas event at Cariad Kitchen this year; stories with Santa, hot cocoa and treats! Saturday 1st December but tickets are flying out so get in touch on one of the platforms above, quick!

I have been to Cariad Kitchen and it is a treasure trove! More of a showroom of the many things on offer but with cosy seats and the most amazing coffee!
Sarah can cater to literally any event: she specialises in first birthdays, VIP pamper parties for girls and superhero parties too. It isn’t all about the children though; licensed for events, you can have your 18th, 30th, 60th there and with an outside area and a marquee, there’s plenty of space for the larger gathering too! Additionally, you can hire a cart for all occasions; the traditional sweet cart, decorated beautifully and stocked full of the favourites or, my personal favourite, how about a prosecco or gin cart for your wedding or a shot cart for your 18th?!

Sarah’s eye for detail makes all the difference and you can rest assured people will certainly be talking about your event for a while afterwards!

For our big giveaway, Sarah has kindly offered a unique, handcrafted, wipe clean child’s apron worth £20 and a set of photo albums to capture your little one’s first year of life!

Little Tiny Prints – WebsiteInstagramFacebook ⎮ Twitter

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 22.17.06
Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 22.16.41
Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 22.17.28

The lovely Pam is the owner of Little Tiny Prints and the maker of special, genuine silver keepsakes that really melt my heart! You can have any print – hand, foot, finger, paw! – forever engraved in sterling silver and worn as a necklace, keyring or bracelet. Such a stunning way to have your child close to you forever. Such an amazing product made even better by a genuinely lovely lady and fab service!

We’re very lucky to include in the giveaway a Little Tiny Prints necklace
(one print included, more can be added for an additional cost)

Nanny Kate – WebsiteInstagramFacebook

baby and toddler show

Nanny Kate is one of those people that just has such a warmth about them, it totally makes sense that she’s a modern day Mary Poppins! Just reading the testimonials on her website, you can see how many families have benefitted from her services and how many different situations and issues she is equipped to deal with.

Myself, Charlotte, Hayley and Jess were lucky enough to have a chat with Kate and she really is knowledgable about her forté. She also listened to each of us talk about our children and the ways in which they challenge us and although each of us had a completely different issue, all of us came away without feeling judged at all or like a failure but actually just wanting to adopt Nanny Kate and move her into our own homes!

Kate did a really great demonstration talk at the show about what she does as well as some examples of families she has worked with. Unfortunately the acoustics were not fab and even sitting right at the front, it was hard to hear everything.

Luckily for you guys though, I’ll be working with Nanny Kate on a little something in the near future so watch this space!

However, until then, you can win a 40 minute phone or email consultation for advice with Nanny Kate, as part of my Baby and Toddler Show giveaway!

Monkey Music – WebsiteInstagramFacebook ⎮ Twitter

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 17.19.33
the baby and toddler show
monkey music

Monkey Music is a national brand and one of the main sponsors of The Baby and Toddler Show, I hadn’t seen them in action before but quickly decided I love them!
We were super lucky as just as we decided to sit down and have a cup of tea to rest our achey feet, Monkey Music were performing a snippet of their award winning curriculum on the main stage which was right next to the refreshments! The performance included singing, dancing and a human-sized pink monkey who was massively popular with all of the children, as you can imagine!!
The songs and actions were fab and easy to follow and the atmosphere created by the girls on stage was amazing! Definitely going to look into signing Sophia up for one of the free classes they offer to give you a taster of what they do! If you head to their website (above) you can find your nearest class too!

We have a Monkey Music song book and CD to offer to the lucky winner of the giveaway!

Will there be another Baby and Toddler Show in Wales?

It was an absolute pleasure to sit and have a chat with Amy during the show. I found it really interesting listening to her reasons as to why she, along with a friend and colleague Jamie (I know, Jamie and Amy, how they don’t get confused I don’t know!), created the Baby and Toddler show, how it met their expectations and where they’d like to take it moving forwards. I certainly didn’t realise just how much organising and cost goes on behind the scenes at these shows! But rest assured fellow Welsh bloggers and parents, the Baby and Toddler Show is already in the pipeline for next year, according to Amy we can expect more brands, more demos and I’ve already signed up to work with her again next year so more competitions and reviews from my end too!

Anything I’d recommend for next year?

I think the only thing that really stood out was that the refreshments could really be improved upon.

Considering it was a show tailored towards children – who we all know, need to eat most minutes of the day! – there wasn’t much in the way of food or drinks available. Perhaps it would have been good to have some children’s food brands involved to provide snacks – such as Kiddilicious, Organix or even supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s who’s Little Ones range is fab! And better tea and coffee for the grown ups as well as soft drinks!

Would I go again?

Most definitely!! I’m already looking forward to next year and to see how The Baby and Toddler Show Wales will grow and expand over the coming months!! If you’re a local parent I would recommend it as a fab day out – there was even a ball pit and bouncy castle, supplied by Giggles and Scribbles, and a forest school set up and lots of activities from Acorns Nurseries, on hand to keep the children entertained!

For details of the giveaway and how to enter head over to the Mumblebees Instagram page now!