Who are Sudocrem?

I think Sudocrem is one of the baby brands that just about everyone has heard of, even people that don’t have children! However, did you know that Sudocrem was first created in 1931?!

In 1931 Thomas Smith, a Professor of Pharmacy and a retail pharmacist in Dublin developed a unique cream from the back of his humble shop. The healing cream was excellent at treating nappy rash, eczema, pressure sores, incontinence rash and a variety of other minor skin lesions.

sudocrem care & protect

I didn’t realise it had been around for that long! It’s super interesting actually reading about where it all began. Plus things like the fact it’s still made in Dublin today!

Sudocrem Care & Protect

I don’t know about you but when I think of Sudocrem I think of the pot of thick, white paste with the strong odour, that gets under your nails and you can smell it all day. However when I received my tube of Sudocrem Care & Protect I was pleasantly surprised.

Firstly it was a small tube that was a much more practical size for carrying around in the changing bag. Secondly, the texture is completely different. Instead of the thick paste it’s a much thinner, lighter cream with a much more gentle fragrance. Already a winner!

The purpose is also different. Sudocrem Care & Protect was formulated to prevent nappy rash rather than treat it so the idea is to use it with each nappy change.

Would I recommend Sudocrem Care & Protect?

In short, yes! Sophia has been teething recently which always causes nappy rash to flare up. After treating the nappy rash I switched to the Sudocrem Care & Protect to try and prevent it returning. I was so impressed with how well it worked! I can honestly say, at times when experience has taught me she would definitely be suffering with nappy rash, nothing has appeared!

The Sudocrem Care & Protect is also super pleasant to use, the lighter consistency and squeezey tube means no more cream under the nails – which drives me insane so that’s a huge pro for me – and is quickly absorbed into the skin so doesn’t make nappy changes messy or any more time consuming. I’m sure if you totally understand the challenge that is nappy changes. Trying to apply a thick cream to a toddler that can flip from back to front and then on to all fours in 0.5 of a second definitely makes for a mess! Anything that helps to avoid those clean ups is a star product!

Would you like to try Sudocrem Care & Protect for yourself?

Are you sat there thinking ‘sounds good but am I convinced enough to spend my own pennies?’? Well, how about this; Sudocrem are so convinced you’ll agree with me, they’ve given Mumblebees a month’s supply* to give away! Let’s make this a bit of fun though; drop a comment below telling me your funniest nappy change story. I’ll pick one lucky (or not so lucky depending on what they had to endure!) reader to win!
Can’t wait to read them guys, I’ll share some of the best over on Instagram too!

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*a month’s supply is three tubes.