back in business

Did you miss us?

You may or may not have noticed that Mumblebees has been taking a little break from social media but we’re back in business! And we’ve had a little rejig to jazz the place up a little!

I took my own advice and stepped back from the screens for a while because sometimes you have to just look after you. As I said in my Mental Health Toolkit post, it took me a long time to learn my own triggers and signs of when my mental health is slipping. So when I do notice them, it’s important that I act on them.

It’s been a tough year.

This year has quite easily been one of the toughest. My mind has thrown some serious curve balls at me and I’ve struggled more with my mental wellbeing than I ever have before.
I can’t give you a single reason why either. That’s the worst part. All of the crap stuff has been and gone and yet it’s right now that everything seems to be taking its toll on me. Go figure.

So yes, as a result I decided to take a break from social media.

What were the signs that made me come to this decision?

One of the first things I noticed was the close attention I was paying to the numbers: how many people are following me? How many people have unfollowed me? How many followers does everyone else have? How many likes did that post get? How many views has my blog had?

And then why? Why don’t people like me? Why do people keep unfollowing me? Why do they have so many more followers than me? Why aren’t more people liking my stuff?

It’s utterly exhausting! And so unnecessary. And sad and debilitating too.

Back to the beginning.

When I decided to step back it was to get better but also to remind myself why Mumblebees even exists. If you have a look at my About Me page, I talk about how I’ve always been one to write stuff down.

I created Mumblebees as a way to document my new journey. Almost like starting a fresh notebook for a new story! My blog was for getting thoughts and feelings out of my head because personally, my mind doesn’t have much room it seems; I get bogged down very easily!

And then the matching Instagram was a way to save my personal page from baby spam! Anyone that wanted to see me talk about my gorgeous baby all day could choose to go do so, but those friends and family that didn’t want to, didn’t have to. They could stick with my lunch and gin photos!

I was lost

Those initial reasonings were so buried under sponsored posts, gifted items for review and all the numbers. So many numbers, it’s no wonder I was suffering!
I love that people can “do Instagram” as a job, and a little jealous! But it isn’t me. To have to invest so much emotionally as well as physically – it really is all consuming and no where near as easy as some people make it look. I definitely take my hat off to them!

So let’s move forward shall we?

The plan now we’re back in business!

If you’re reading this, hi! Thank you for wanting to share in my story and in Sophia’s life, we’re so happy to have you!

If you follow Mumblebees on Instagram, hi! Again, thank you! We do have other social platforms (Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter) but I’ll be honest, I’m rubbish at keeping them up to date! I shall make more of an effort to stay on top of it now we’re back in business!

Moving forward, you can fully expect plenty of what has been before.

I’ll still be doing reviews, so if you’d like to send Sophia and I things to review then please do so, we’re very grateful for the gifts we’ve received and we love sharing what works and what doesn’t with you lovely people!
However, I’m not going to write what you want to hear to keep you happy and to make you want to send us more stuff. Only twice have I been asked to change what I’ve written and only once have I actually done it. The reviews I write and share will only be mine and Sophia’s genuine findings and opinions on the subject/object.

You can also expect plenty more posts about mental health. It’s a huge part of me and something that has ruled much of my life so far. If there’s one thing that’s important to me to advocate for, it’s that. I’ve been worried that people don’t want to read about my crazy little self but I want to write it so, you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to!

And of course, Sophia. Expect photos galore of our everyday! I’m not going to omit some of our craziest, most fun moments because the photo isn’t quite instaworthy! Neither am I going to worry about “my grid” and how it looks. I’m not making an art gallery, I’m making a photo album of our journey through motherhood and childhood! We all know that’s far from perfect!

Regular features

Something I’ve really relished is getting to know other people through the Mumblebees Meets feature. Before our sabbatical I put out a post asking for people that would be interested in being featured and the response was overwhelming!

I’ve had a chance to sort through the submissions and have decided to make Mumblebees Meets a more regular feature. (If you wanted to be involved and haven’t sent your post to me yet, don’t worry! There’s still plenty of time! And if you didn’t see that post but would like to be involved, amazing! Just drop me a message over on the contact page!)

And so #MumblebeesMeetsMondays is born!

You can now expect a new story from someone amazing, every Monday!

#TalkTuesdays are a thing now too!

Each Tuesday I’ll be publishing an informal interview style post with someone of interest and we’ll be answering a few controversial and popular questions!

I love a good chat and I love hearing people’s opinions about things that are important. I’m super excited about this feature so watch this space for more on this one! We’re going to be kicking this off next week!

And breathe… the pressure is off!

Ultimately, that’s the most important bit: the fact I’m excited. Excited for what’s to come and excited to be back in business!

I’ve deleted my followers app so if you’re coming to follow me just to unfollow again, go ahead! I’m not going to know about it and quite frankly, I don’t care! *insert big ass smiley face here!*

If you just want to come along for the ride to join in some interesting chat, meet some amazing new people and see how cute my child is – let’s do this!